Reinventing the man / machine interaction
  • Voice, speech, and writing were always used by men as the most natural and effective way to communicate, exchange and share ideas effectively
  • Speech interfaces shall become the most natural way to communicate intuitively with the machine
  • Whatever the sector of activity, formulating a request with simple words, will allow each of us to be understood by the machine, and instantly receive a precise answer formulated with text
Real needs for everyone
  • Simplifying communication gateways is more than a wish for Airudit
  • Our solutions are particularly effective in situations where urgency requires quick and direct access to the right information, but we also guarantee a faster, more effective access to the greatest possible number of people
  • Our services are designed to operate in the same way, regardless of the connected device used, computer, tablet, smartphone, connected object
Universal issues
  • Information becomes the core and the heart of all modern societies, but the distribution of infomations is often distored because they are hardly accessible or encapsulated in distinct and non-communicating silos
  • Many services and/or applications offers to exploit huge data sets but most of them requires to learn specific terminologies and way of using, so, they are not adapted to the majority of people
  • The most prevalent way of using these new services is through SmartPhones via a tactile interface, so It’s therefore restrictive and not very scalable
Our Vision, Our ambition
  • The interactive communication and its interfaces are at the heart of these new uses, as they bring services which transform our lives. It is the rationale of Airudit
  • We stand among the pioneers, those who think that the next revolution of the uses with the digital technology will come thanks to the voice. we can (by this disruption) contribute to transform our lives, to create new services and better respond to the users's expectations
  • We shall supply to our customers and prospective customers a new generation of interfaces of communication, based on the voice and on the natural language. SteadyBear is also able to understand what is being asked, and especially it has the ability to deliver its own answers, built in real time, regardless of the device used
Inventing new uses / new paradigms
  • We are working on the elaboration of a cluster of digital services, to ensure that the natural language (voice and writing), becomes the fundamental vector of the information exchanged in the digital processes
  • We provide a set of tools to ensure that ways to access to information are universal and multimodal, and guarantee the same type of experience whatever the devices used: smartphones, websites, and connected objects
  • Our services may be declined through extremely simple and stripped human / machine interfaces, and offer a new and modern framework for first level answers
Why we are different
  • We take advantage of technologies of the Artificial intelligence and of ontologies to propose oriented interfaces of communication, where each information is worked and restored in a context specific to the user. We can thus "Contextualize speech" to give an interface to the user that brings him more than a speech synthesis
  • Our platform offers tools for building new interfaces of communication, dissemination, research and collection for all types of information, based on content already in place and without modifying habits or processes
  • Our engine structures data and simplifies the understanding of information for all types of profiles. The automatic and controlled extraction in real time of useful and capitalizable information, allows us to give right answers to people