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  • Voice UI will be the next revolution in digital uses
  • Using digital services must be a pleasure
  • Innovative, disruptive but answering to an unsatisfied expectation of the public
What we are developing
What we are developing
  • Significant improvement of all digital interactions
  • Facilitation to create Intelligent Digital Assistant using natural language
  • Platform for semantic and automatic language processing available24/24 and 7/7
Why we develop it
Why we develop it
  • Inject “Speech to Context” (STC) and “Context to Speech” (CTS) in all digital life
  • Convergence of speech technologies and interfaces
  • Foundations for an ambient and calculated intelligence
How we made it
  • Collecting, ordering and indexing all digital contents
  • Transparent use on any application or site
  • Language graphs, ontologies, and real-time elaboration of relevant answers
How we made it How we made it
  • Adaptable to all domains of activity
  • Access to information garanteed for the larger range of people
  • Dialogue disruption between man and machine.
Why Natural langage and Voice IHM
  • No specific vocabulary to be understood by the machine.
  • Resolution of sentences even complex
  • Platform adapted to all future uses
Why Natural langage and Voice IHM Why Natural langage and Voice IHM